For immediate release   Houston, TX: February 22, 2016

Extreme weather events, including Hurricane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy and the devastating floods which have overwhelmed many regions of the United States, have exposed the vulnerabilities widespread in the US national electric grid network and highlighted the urgent and growing need to reinvent current business and delivery models.

Collaboration involving communities, utilities and their commercial partners, regulators and government will play a crucial role in addressing escalating pressures on energy providers, and help to achieve the much-needed and effective transformation into the secure, resilient, efficient, low-carbon utility of the future.

So says Jay Worenklein, chairman and chief executive of US Grid Company (USGRDCO). The company specializes in providing financing, design, development and project management expertise through which US utilities can smoothly integrate disruptive technologies and create new business models that that move them into the next era of energy delivery.


Mr Worenklein will be a panel member during Thursday morning’s session “Power System & Grid Operations: Keeping the Lights on Through an Era of Change”, part of CERAWeek’s 2016 Strategic Dialogue series. Topics under discussion will include the growing need for coordination as distributed power generation and improved energy storage technologies assume ever more crucial roles in demand-side management.

Jay Worenklein was formerly chairman and chief executive of US Power Generating Company, which owned and operated 5,200 MWs of generating capacity, representing over 20% of New York City’s generating capacity and 50% of Boston’s generating capacity. He leads USGRDCO’s well-connected team, which brings decades of leadership and innovation gained in senior roles within the US power sector.

USGRDCO excels in harnessing Smart Grid technologies with unique approaches to microgrids to help bring about much-needed power grid transformation for communities and businesses alike.
Drawing on extensive power industry networks, the company acts as the catalyst bringing together utilities, state and local government, regulators, customers and private sector partners, recognizing that no single party can achieve the requisite change, at a granular level, by working alone.

Jay Worenklein commented:
“Collaboration is key for communities, utilities and customers looking to forge a new path into the future – local power where and when you want it, delivered efficiently and cost-effectively from smart, decentralized, interconnected grids that can operate islanded or connected to the main grid network.”

Ray Gogel, USGRDCO’s president added:
“We believe it’s time to pull communities together, creating custom solutions
that meet individual community needs. The US utility sector is no longer
a ‘one size fits all’ world. That served as an excellent model in previous decades, however we’ve moved far beyond the old status quo.”

Headquartered in New York city, USGRDCO is leading the way in helping US utilities reimagine, refinance and implement the level of transformative change that is being demanded of them from government, customers and communities.

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