What we do

USGRDCO acquires and manages natural gas power plants in major cities under a plan that is hyper-focused on achieving improvements in operation, reliability and resilience and massive reductions in carbon.

We partner with local utilities and governments to improve the cities and communities in which we operate. At the same time, we partner with companies that offer effective solutions we can implement on our sites and in our cities to catapult the energy eco-system towards the achievement of net zero carbon.


North America, the most urbanized continent in the world, has 82% of the population living in cities.  The major cities of the US are our focus.



ENERGY is the backbone to our civilized society. Transitioning to a fully-integrated, smart and sustainable energy infrastructure will be a phased process involving several decades. Unfortunately, society cannot wait – aging infrastructure, and climate change

need to be tackled now. The good news is these problems can be addressed TODAY through innovative technology, effective partnerships and creative financing.

Technology and Innovation

Electrified Transportation

Smart transportation systems and electric vehicles require substantial investment in infrastructure to enable their evolution. A charging infrastructure that anticipates the demand and supports government mandates and incentives is imperative.

Utility Scale Energy Storage

Massive reduction of carbon emissions from gas powered plants begins with the substitution of large scale battery storage for the highest carbon-producing peaking facilities.

Integrated Renewable Power

Integrating renewable power with natural gas powered plants will provide clean, low-cost energy and will extend the benefits of renewable power to the communities most in need.