This collection of original articles authored by USGRDCO encompasses insights on a variety of topics pertinent to our own business as well as the greater energy transition currently taking place both nationally and globally.


Evolution Is a Choice for Lisbon, the New 2020 Green European Capital

In Europe, the start of a new decade of environmental progress was marked by the passing of an environmental torch—the title of European Green Capital—from one European city to another. The stark contrast between Oslo, the 2019 recipient, and Lisbon, this year’s winner, is significant since it highlights the ways cities of all different types are finding innovative ways to move the needle forward when it comes to reversing the effects of climate change. While Norway represents a country that has already established a formidable commitment to sustainable practices and operates within a more financially stable and resource-rich reality, Portugal represents an entirely different set of circumstances from which to drive change.


How the Threat to Entire Ecosystems in Australia Impacts Climate Change

The headlines of most major publications around the world that are reporting on the devastating wildfires that continue to plague Australia have been, since the very beginning, largely focused on a loss of biodiversity and a threat to ecosystems. The number of human lives lost is reported with great sadness, but the emphasis over the past five months on the mass death of wildlife has been of major concern, with the image of thirsty koala bears and burnt kangaroos etched into our collective minds. But what does a loss of biodiversity and a threat to ecosystems really mean, and how are these scientific terms relevant to the discussion on the long-term global effects of climate change?


A Decade Later — An Update on TIME Magazine’s 2010 Best Invention in Green Energy

January 2020 marks a time of reflection over a decade’s worth of innovation in the field of green energy around the world. We thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at one company — Minesto — whose invention qualified as TIME’s best invention of 2010 in green energy in order to see where the company is today, ten years later.


Offshore Wind — What Britain’s North Sea and the Northeastern Atlantic Have in Common

Of the most innovative ideas for sources of sustainable energy, wind is historically the most prevalent. Humans have been harnessing the power of wind for more than 2,000 years. Sailors have used wind to propel their boats, ranchers have used it to power water pumps for livestock, and farmers have used it to power windmills to grind grain.


Curbing Our Carbon Footprint with New Holiday Traditions

Of all the traditions celebrated in the US, Thanksgiving is arguably the most quintessentially American one. And of the many components that make up what we as a culture collectively consider a typical part of the Thanksgiving tradition, the turkey main course undoubtedly tops the list. Unfortunately, one of the unwanted byproducts that we as a society tend to overlook is the tremendous amount of waste that takes place around the holidays when we are confronted with more food than we can possibly eat.


The Urban Challenge — Buildings for a Clean Tomorrow

Major states across the United States are pledging to combat global warming and significantly reduce carbon emissions within the next decade. There is thus a call for change that is clearly gaining momentum. But as crucial as it is for a state to prioritize climate change and establish actionable ways to achieve zero emission goals, there will be no success if the cities within that state do not follow suit and proactively take the lead.